Start Here

Transparency is a core value at Earnest Capital, so we write and share a ton publicly about how we do things. But it can be a little overwhelming, so let’s take a few seconds to point you in the right place.

Which of these best describes you:

1/ I’m a founder of a company looking to raise a round, learn more about fundraising from Earnest, or just generally looking to learn more about how Earnest works from a founder perspective.

2/ I’m an investor looking to learn more about investing in Earnest funds, mentoring Earnest founders, co-investing in Earnest companies, or acquiring profitable software companies.

3/ I’m interested to work with Earnest or our portfolio companies in a full-time, contract, internship, or scout role.

4/ I’m something else (media, researcher, etc) interesting in learning about the unique aspects of Earnest like the Shared Earnings Agreement (SEAL), Trailhead pitching process, Mentor community, and so on.