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Earnest Founders

Earnest Capital provides early-stage funding, resources and a network of experienced advisors to founders building sustainable profitable businesses.

Founder-aligned Funding

We invest via a Shared Earnings Agreement, a new investment model developed transparently with the founder community, and designed to align us with founders who want to run a profitable business and never be forced to raise follow-on financing or sell their business.

Mentorship & Community

Earnest Founders connect to a network of experienced founders and operators who are mentors with skin in the game and invested in their success. Join a growing network of other founders helping one another succeed.

By Founders, for Founders

We are committed to radical transparency and love answering questions at @EarnestCapital.

Hear from founders we work with

“‪I applied to Earnest Capital because I knew it would be an invaluable experience for me to grow as a founder. Earnest has created an incredible opportunity for bootstrappers – Earnest Capital takes away the financial stress and loneliness of building a small software business, and I’m very grateful to be a part of it.‬”

– Reilly Chase (Hostifi)

Being part of Earnest Capital has made an enormous difference in our company already. We’ve only been with them a few months but in that time, we’ve grown more then ever and hired a perfect Head of Marketing who found us purely because we’re part of Earnest. Amazing.

– Ward Sandler (Memberspace)

Instead of tweeting for help, my first thought is Earnest. Mentors or other founders are always around to help me out.

– Ben Tossell (Makerpad)

The Earnest team have made a remarkable job with their “Shared Earnings Agreement,” a true founder-align partnership that makes it a no brainer for bootstrap founders seeking alternative funding routes. We are humbled by the Earnest Capital community and how much we are learning from fellow founders facing similar challenges. We can’t think of a better way to bootstrap your company!

– Angelica Romero (Newslit)

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