Shared Earnings Agreement: Digging into the numbers

We received a ton of good hard questions about the Earnest Shared Earnings Agreement, particularly around “how do the numbers actually work?” Well, we’re building a fancy web calculator for it, but I thought I would just pop the hood on the Google Spreadsheet (click here to access it directly) we’ll use for it and let anybody make a copy for themselves.

Want to watch me talk about the numbers, assumptions, and scenarios behind it for 35 minutes?! Great, here you go ?

The Shared Earnings Agreement is the output of a great discussion and tons of feedback (we’ll be posting a “What We Learned” soon) from our initial Funding for Bootstrappers call for input.

This is v1.0 of a very simplified calculator, so it is possible there are errors or things we have glossed over. Please send us any question or feedback on Twitter @EarnestCapital or Email Us

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