Apply to Earnest

Hmm… “Apply”… don’t really love that term but it is the call to action founders like yourself will be looking for.

Think of this as more of an introduction, or a systematic way to start a conversation with Earnest Capital. We are a lean team, so anything we can do to automate the normal back-and-forth is helpful.

Below you’ll find a form that will help us collect the information we need to get a good sense of who you are and where you are with your business so we can follow up accordingly.

Got questions? Read the FAQ.

Feel free to start with an email. The form below is just a structured series of things we will need before getting to an investment, but feel free to start the conversation with an email here.

Pitch Deck / Strategy – You don’t need a fancy deck about how you’re tackling a 20 billion dollar market (if you have a shiny pitch deck, that is awesome and please do send it to us). But at least provide a short document speaking to the following:

  • How you arrived at the idea for this product
  • Any domain expertise you have on the team
  • A quick assessment of competitors
  • Current and planned customer acquisition channels
  • Traction, Revenue, Signups to date

Screencast – Please do make one. The best thing to cover is just walking through how your customers use your product. If you’re able to highlight any customers using your product in the wild that’s great too. Anything else you can highlight about your team, product or business is helpful too. Soapbox or Loom are two great products that make it dead simple to create a screencast.

Sharing metrics –  We tend to be outrageously transparent with things like this but you don’t have to. Any metrics you share via this form will be kept completely confidential but if you’re not comfortable sharing them that’s also fine.