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If you’re ready to have an investment conversation with Earnest Capital as soon as possible, please use the form below. If you’re not quite ready, we suggest checking out Trailhead (or review our For Founders page) which is designed to walk you through the investment discussion step by step over about 2 weeks.

Got questions? Read the FAQ.

Screencast – Please do make one. The best thing to cover is just walking through how your customers use your product. If you’re able to highlight any customers using your product in the wild that’s great too. Anything else you can highlight about your team, product or business is helpful too. Soapbox or Loom are two great products that make it dead simple to create a screencast.

Sharing metrics –  We tend to be outrageously transparent but you don’t have to be. Any metrics you share via this form will be kept completely confidential but if you’re not comfortable sharing them now that’s also fine.