Hi, We’re Earnest Capital

We make seed stage investments in bootstrappers, indie hackers, makers and real businesses. Read the FAQ.

We offer an innovative investment structure aligned with founders and businesses that want to accelerate now and ultimately become a profitable sustainable business. We never want you to need to raise another round of funding and you’ll never be forced to exit. Working with Earnest is about more than just capital. We provide a network of experienced founders who back our founders every step of the way.

Core Team

Tyler Tringas, General Partner and Founder

Najva Sol, Head of Products & Marketing

Matt Goldstein, Head of Finance & Operations 

Michael Rouveure, Head of No-Code Operations

Gil Hernandez, Dealflow Analyst 

Sibi Murugesan, Head of Platform; Chief of Staff



We are thrilled to have an incredible roster of experienced founders who are both mentors for our portfolio companies. All mentors have “skin in the game” and are invested in the success of the companies we work with.

Learn more about our approach to mentorship.

If you are interested in mentoring, please contact us.