The Purpose & Theme of the Founder Summit

The theme and purpose of the inaugural Founder Summit is: having the conversations we’re not having. As founders we are fire-hosed with tactical and strategic advice on acquiring customers and building products. We have enough books, blog posts, and podcasts to fill every waking moment with tips for building a company. But there are still some conversations we are not having. These are often the kind that can only be had with other founders in an environment of candor and openness. Conversations like:

  • What does it mean to live a mindful daily life as a founder?
  • How do I fire employees with grace and keep a team motivated through change?
  • How can founders balance their identity as an entrepreneur with their other identities? How can we strengthen those other identities in a way that helps our company and team?
  • How can we be better mentors to our employees and communities, and better coaches to our peers?
  • What kind of personal finance strategy makes sense for founders?
  • Why… really… are we actually doing this?

Does that mean this will be non-stop tough, heart-wrenching conversations? Absolutely not! We believe that the best substrate for these conversations is… fun. Most attendees will be flying to Mexico City, many for the first time, and expecting an adventure. We intend to deliver. Venues, experiences, food, culture… we’ll do our best to create a genuinely fun environment that creates the space for openness and connection between founders.

How will you know you’ve had a successful summit? Actually this one is easy. The reason for having these conversations in a large gathering of founders, rather than say in a 1-on-1 coaching session, is that the goal is simply to create meaningful relationships between other founders. One of the conversations we’re not having (at least often enough) is that being a founder can be lonely at times, doubly so if you’re running a remote company. The real goal of Founder Summit is for everybody to open up and in a relatively short period of time create or reforge lasting relationships with other founders.

Why state the purpose here? To help guide the rest of the decisions but also to help folks determine if this event is not a fit for them. If you are looking for non-stop tactical content on SEO, agile development, content marketing, or Facebook Ads, you will not find that at the Founder Summit. If you’ll be meticulously calculating the ROI based on the number of warm leads you bring back or business cards you’ve handed out, you’ll be disappointed. If you want to have an experience that will reinvigorate you for the whole year, have discussions that will affect you and your company’s trajectory over decades not quarters, and make a new founder friend or two, Founder Summit is for you.

You can read more about the Founder Summit here or start the pre-registration process below. We’ll begin releasing the first batches of tickets on Nov 3rd. If you’re interested to come please pre-register now as we already have substantially more pre-registrations than total tickets available and will be releasing them on first-registered, first-served basis.

PS – this post was inspired by the excellent book The Art of Gathering which I highly recommend for anyone planning an event.

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