Partnering With Earnest Capital

Reach the growing breed of founders building “calm” companies across the world.

Reach the growing breed of founders building “calm” companies across the world.

Selected Requests

Beyond the general partner areas listed below, we have specific requests around “Business Needs” and “Lifestyle Needs” that are updated on a rolling basis.

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Current Requests

  • Business: Accounting, Tax
  • Lifestyle: Telecommunications
AreaIllustrative Sub-Sections
FinanceBookkeeping; Acounting; Tax; Pricing; Payroll; Funding & Grants
ProductAnalytics: Community
TechnicalEngineering; No-Code; Developer Tools
HRHiring; People Management; Culture
Founder DevelopmentHealth Insurance; Telecommunication; Leadership
LegalIncorporation; Business Insurance
SupportWiki; Knowledge Bases
DesignBrand; Front-end; Logos/Marks
Sales & MarketingGrowth Hacking; Partnerships; Business Development; Public Relations; Content; SEO
Why should you partner with Earnest Capital?

Since our first investment in 2018, Earnest Capital has been building a new model for sustainable enterpreneurship: we truly let our founders build their company how they like, supported by our SEAL investment, and a growing team of Mentors and staff.

Along the way, we’ve built Founder Summit Remote, a thriving community of like-minded founders building “calm” companies.

Simply put, partnering with Earnest Capital is the best way to connect to a growing breed of founders so if you’re looking to showcase your brand to 1,000s of founders on a global stage, we’re excited to partner up!

What are our partner stipulations?

Q: What are your external partnership requirements?
In general, all submitted partner deals fall into following buckets but we’re open to exploring something more custom as needed with select partners.

Common Partner Offers:One year of free service OR
At least $2K in value with a 2-year expiration OR
A permanent discount (i.e., 10% off forever)

Q: Any other external partner stipulations?
> Each company will have to provide a single point of contact for questions or assistance.

What is our process from “application” to “approval” and beyond?

Once you apply, it’ll be sent to our Partnerships team for review. We aim to get back to every submitted partner in ~2 weeks.

If accepted, we’ll catalog your information into our private internal platform built as a self-serve model so our community can activate it as needed!

Who will be able to access our partner offer?
Who do I connect with if we have more questions?

Please send a note to with the subject line:
#YOUR COMPANY NAME# / Earnest Capital – Partnership.

How can we send our info?

If you’re an external company (i.e., not an Earnest portfolio company, mentor, investor or a member of the Founder Summit Remote community), use the link below! 👇🏽

If you’re within the Earnest ecosystem and are interested in partnering up, please send a DM to @sibi.

Selected Partners

We’re fortunate to partner up with some big players… well as the rising stars.

And we’d love to have you join us.

Send us your info👇🏽

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