Open Gig: Information Designer

I’m looking to work with someone in a freelance capacity and I don’t quite know how to describe what we need. The closest I can get is an “information designer” … let me explain.

First, we have a very simple minimalist brand/theme that I’m about 86% happy with. Mostly it needs some obvious bits of polish and tightening of some screws here and there. So I’m looking for someone with a strong aesthetic understanding of details, typography, and UX + the ability to execute those changes in WordPress (or convince me to move platforms).

But, probably more importantly, the complexity around what we do is growing along with the percentage of folks who arrive at our site/brand with very little context on who we are and what we’re about.

We have a lot going on, including ….

We also have multiple stakeholders from:

  • Prospective founders interested in investment
  • Founders with no interest in investment that we still want to be helpful to (see Trailhead, Founder Summit, etc)
  • Prospective investors in our funds
  • Other investors trying to understand our model and if they should refer founders to us or co-invest with us (example)
  • Potential collaborators on mentorship and Founder Summit among other things
  • Media and other folks who need to get up to speed from scratch on us
  • Rad people who want to work with us.

The information architecture that we’ve built to date has been mostly ad hoc and I think it needs a serious re-work from someone with an eye for both visual aesthetic, UX, information design, and the ability to hack together enough CSS and theme work to get it done.

Is that you? Know someone who fits the bill?

Tweet at me: @-replies or DMs open.

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