Earnest Capital: Head of Platform

This role is the heart of our community connecting our founders to each other and our incredible mentor group. Our head of platform runs our weekly all founder group calls and has regular 1:1s with founders to track progress and learn what they need help with. This role facilitates direct connections to our mentors as well as building connective tissue to the numerous other organizations, companies, and communities that support Earnest founders.

You’ll manage and organize a remote team and remote community. Earnest has 11 portfolio companies and growing spread across geographies and timezones. Our community includes 40+ mentors who also span the globe. We are at the bleeding edge of remote organizations and love experimenting with new tools and processes. A reasonable knowledge of and strong willingness to learn how to work with the tools we use to run our community (Basecamp, Slack, Zoom, Airtable, Notion, etc) is a huge plus.

To apply, please email us with “Earnest Platform” in the subject line.

Earnest Capital: Part-time CFO

Earnest is looking for CFO. Primary responsibilities will be to help a fast-growing fund build out operational best practices, refine and improve the Shared Earnings Agreement and new capital options for Earnest founders. The CFO will provide strategic input as we expand the team and number of funds under management.

The role will also include occasional consulting/strategy work for our portfolio companies who all face interesting challenges of building lean, distributed teams. Contact Tyler to learn more.