Launching the “Earnest OS” beta test to support calm founders

“What if you had access to plug-and play infrastructure that supported any calm company as it scales?”

I’m excited to launch the Earnest Operating System [Earnest OS] beta this week to answer that very question.

During the next 6 months, Earnest is providing a handful of our portfolio companies with the Earnest OS: a curated suite of solutions and partnerships tailored for calm companies.

We’re lucky to share the vision of the Earnest OS with a selection of incredible test partners, including Bench, Pilot, Deel, Rippling, GrowthHackers, Remote, Studio D, Inoxoft, Growth Machine, The Kedar Group, Kokoro, and Baker Thomas Oakley Greene—with even more on the way. 

Since Earnest’s first investment in 2019, the dream has been to launch a comprehensive infrastructure for founders to plug into their businesses, freeing them up to focus on doing what they love: building a calm company.

As Head of Platform, I spend my time answering one question: “What can we do, post-investment, to support our founders to build the company they want?”

After working with 100’s of companies around the world, I’ve worked with our team to identify the common needs that come up time and again as founders scale their calm company.

The Earnest OS v1.0 is built to serve seven of the most common needs for a calm founder. Needs like:

  • Finance, Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Healthcare & Benefits
  • Software Infrastructure
  • Growth & Marketing
  • Hiring
  • Executive Development & Training
  • Legal

Each core need has a growing list of partners that will be vetted by our portfolio companies and the Earnest team.  

At the end of the beta test, we’ll be finalizing the Earnest OS offerings to ensure that every core need is being served by a fully vetted and trusted partner.

The best part? Once we finalize the offerings and partners, access to the Earnest OS will be complimentary for all our portfolio companies.

Interested in joining this closed beta test? Submit your info below and make sure you check the “Interested in joining the Earnest OS” box to flag your interest.

Submit info to join the Earnest OS

Curious for updates along the way? Follow along on Twitter as we join our fellow founders and build in public.

We’re excited to build a great OS that actually works for calm founders so let’s build it together, in earnest. ✌🏽

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