Earnest Internships

Earnest is growing and we need your help. We are opening 1-2 internship positions starting in September. These positions are remote, part-time/flexible, and paid.

You’ll be helping out with

  • Organizing and joining weekly check-ins and meetings with our growing portfolio of founders.
  • Helping founders solve problems, connect them to our mentor network.
  • Researching new markets and investment opportunities.
  • Sharing what we learn in our community by creating more content to help other founders.
  • Connecting the (mostly no-code) tools we use to run Earnest.
  • Planning some upcoming IRL events.

You don’t need to be an expert in all this, just willing to work hard, be creative, and stay open-minded. Honestly we’re making a lot of this up as we go.

Some things you should know about Earnest

  • We are a fully remote team. Get ready to spend a lot of time in Basecamp, Slack, and Zoom.
  • We love experimenting, trying new things, doubling down on what works and ditching what’s not. Be ready for some fun and also some flux.
  • We’re generally fan of calm, deep work. There’s plenty of emoji and fun weekly calls, but if you need constant face time to stay energized, this might not be the best fit.

Follow-on opportunities. Earnest is growing and we do have a few open positions coming up, but we are still a very small team and this internship is not necessarily an on-ramp to a full-time position at Earnest. Many of our portfolio companies are actively hiring, but if you absolutely need this to convert into a full-time role, candidly there may not be one. That said, we will do our absolute best to ensure working with Earnest is a launchpad for you.

Practical Items

  • Being +/- 5 hours from US Eastern Time will be a big help unless you’re a serious night owl.
  • We envision this to be a part-time flexible role (10-20 hours/week) that can be done alongside other work but if you’d prefer full-time let us know.
  • For your application please send anything but a resume, CV, or LinkedIn request. Send links to things you’ve made or written, a video, your best Tiktok, or just a simple well-written email.
  • Send an email with the subject line “Earnest Internship: {your name}” to tyler@earnestcapital.com
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