Q&A with Justin Jackson on funding for bootstrappers

I really enjoyed this live-streamed discussion with Justin Jackson. Justin peppers me with questions about Earnest Capital and certainly caught me with a few I wasn’t prepared for. For some amazing background on the problem we’re trying to solve with Earnest, read Justin’s excellent, honest piece on the Bootstrapper’s Paradox.

Help design funding for bootstrappers

Huge thank you to Joe Wallin, Kevin McArdle, and Rich Thornett for their help with this post and project.

This is a post about the technical decisions we’ve made on a new “funding structure for bootstrappers1” and a call for feedback from the founder community.

But first, we need to talk about The Problem2.

  1. Yes bootstrappers – we know, oxymoron. We don’t love the turn of phrase and it’s a work in progress.

  2. Or skip directly to the term sheet details