Job Opening: Dealflow Analyst

From day one Earnest has been fortunate enough to get a firehose of inbound interest from entrepreneurs. I’ve done my best, but frankly, I haven’t been great at managing that dealflow, moving things along efficiently, and ensuring we respond to all inbound in a timely fashion. It’s time for us to up our game here […]

Earnest Capital invests in ManyRequests: the all in one SaaS for productized services

You’ll sometimes hear me say things like “more founders should think about founder-market fit and whether they really are uniquely suited to build their business” or “founders should try to build an unfair advantage well before they launch their product”… well, ManyRequests, from Robin Vander Heyden and Gabriel Lecointere is a case study in both […]

Open Gig: Information Designer

I’m looking to work with someone in a freelance capacity and I don’t quite know how to describe what we need. The closest I can get is an “information designer” … let me explain. First, we have a very simple minimalist brand/theme that I’m about 86% happy with. Mostly it needs some obvious bits of […]

Founder Break-Even Calculator

One of our favorite checks to write at Earnest Capital is the one that lets a founder go full-time on their business by quitting their job or spinning down freelancing. Because we do “funding for bootstrappers” our preference is to be “first check, last check” (or at least for that the be Plan A). That […]

Earnest Capital Invests in Cachix

Recently Patrick Collison, CEO of Stripe, tweeted: Can you sympathize? As programming has evolved, managing packages, libraries, and dependencies has become a constant source of wasted time and smashed keyboards for developers everywhere. The problem is compounded when managing multiple development, testing, and production environments and asymptotically complex across a large engineering team. A Gemfile, […]